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This is the story of the Nottinghamshire people and their fight for survival in the Second World War. Eye witness accounts from people interviewed by the author have been interwoven with information gleaned from official documents detailing the air raids on the county.

The actions of the civil defence workers and the fire service are described in graphic detail, not only in relation to Nottinghamshire raids but also when they valiantly went to the aid of others, in London, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

The book is illustrated throughout with pictures and there are 'then and now' illustrations that bring this period of history to life for the reader.

The title of the book was taken from a speech given by the Minister of Home Security in April 1941.

A list of all the fatal casualties for Nottinghamshire is provided as a memorial to the civilians killed in the County and as a tribute to those who gave their lives in the defence of Nottinghamshire and other Cities.

"There is a battle being fought that is just as important for the outcome of the war as any battle of tanks in the Middle East or of ships in the Atlantic. It is the battle against fire and high explosives. I want people to sit up and take notice of the Battle of the Flames as they do the ebb and flow of military conflicts." Herbert Morrison Minister of Home Security 24th April 1941

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